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Reduce tea waste, increase agricultural yields and offer farmers an economical natural fertilizer.


Reduce tea waste, increase agricultural yields and offer farmers an economical natural fertilizer.

  • Using tea waste as a fertilizer 

    Nestlé Everyday is the biggest tea creamer in Pakistan – their ambition isn’t limited to consumer experience of their products; it’s also about the effect they have on the communities in which they operate and the world around us.


    In Pakistan alone, 100 billion cups of tea are consumed every year – producing around 200,000 tonnes of used tea leaves. So they set about investigating that by-product, and asked one question: what could we do with all that waste?


    Research found that tea contains nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium: the three major nutrients that qualify any compost as a complete fertiliser. It improves soil quality – maintaining moisture and increasing oxygen levels – and even allows earthworms to thrive. In other words, tea compost is a perfect way to support plant health, prevent pest infestations and stave off disease.


    With that in mind, we know that there’s a fantastic opportunity to positively affect the lives and livelihoods of millions via a social initiative that creates a compost product out of used tea. And that’s why they are looking for a partner who can work with them to harness that potential and create this potentially game-changing product.


    The idea is to bring three main benefits: reduce (tea) waste, increase agricultural yields and offer farmers an economical natural fertiliser. So we’re planning on working with external partners on a few key elements.


    The pilot will take place in Pakistan – where agriculture is the largest economic sector, with 47% of the land (30,440,000ha.) used for arable farming. And then we’ll look to expand into other major markets like India, China and beyond. We truly believe that the right product could offer an environmentally friendly, zero-waste solution that enhances agricultural productivity around the world.


    Don’t worry if you don’t have the whole solution – this is a multifaceted project, so we’re happy to hear from anyone with any of the pieces of the puzzle. And we’re open to anyone, from start-ups and innovators to waste management companies and corporate partners.


    First, we’d need to find a way to procure wasted tea, so we’ll most likely be looking for partnerships with established waste collection and recycling systems. Whether you work in circular economy, zero waste solutions, recycling, or even in a commercial entity which deals with large quantities of tea, we want to hear from you.


    Second, we’ll work together to convert that tea into a fertiliser – ideally through a composting process to further enhance its potential impact. So if you’re involved in natural fertilisers, sustainable farming products or natural agriculture solutions then you’ll be exactly the kind of person we want to hear from.


    Finally, we’ll look to productise & commercialise – selling our new product to local farmers as a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution. The details of the commercial arrangement are totally flexible, but we’re keen to ensure that 

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