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Engie Green is seeking for digital solutions for increasing citizen participation during consultative processes.


Engie Green is seeking for digital solutions for increasing citizen participation during...

  • Digital Solutions for Citizen Consultation

    ENGIE Green, a subsidiary of the ENGIE Group, develops and operates renewable energy production facilities involving onshore and offshore wind, photovoltaics and biogas. ENGIE Green is currently the leader in onshore wind and photovoltaic power in France in terms of total installed power.


    With this in mind, ENGIE Green is seeking solutions to strengthen citizen participation in the consultation processes that its renewable energy developers implement over the course of their projects.


    Consulting with citizens aims to ensure that everyone has access to information about renewable energy projects and allows the public to express itself. This ensures that the project owner takes into account local aspirations when defining and running the project and ensures good local acceptability. Consultative approaches help project owners develop innovative and well-suited communication tools, steer debates and express every point of view. Consultations generally take place over 4 to 6 months. *


    The solution we are seeking must meet all the needs related to consultation and other specific aspects such as:


    - mapping issues and actors,

    - teaching and pedagogy

    - gathering citizen opinions

    - organizing public discussions

    - building consensus

    - monitoring and providing continuous information during the course of the project



    ENGIE Green’s main objectives for this call for projects are:


    - To test and develop innovative, participatory digital consultation solutions that bring together a maximum number of citizens and stakeholders in the region.

    - To inform these stakeholders about projects in development, in an attractive and playful way,

    - To collect their contributions in an efficient and collaborative way

    - To animate and facilitate the emergence of consensus.


    The proposed solution may also: 


    - Include a digital application (web and mobile) that creates a dynamic link between citizens, local stakeholders and the renewable energy project developer.

    - Provide a tool for intelligently managing consultation data collected from citizens

    - Provide digital and non-digital interfaces for actions that can be carried out physically at the local level, such as innovative tools for coordinating consultation meetings.

    - Use pedagogical technologies such as virtual visits or 3D immersion interfaces.



    The solutions must be sufficiently mature to be tested under real conditions within 1 year maximum.



    Eligibilty criteria


    Suitability for the subject

    Originality/innovativeness of the project

    Costs/feasibility and economic viability

    Maturity/time to operational rollout

    Ease of use


    Selection procedure:

    The selection will take place in 2 stages:


    1. The best likely projects will be shortlisted

    2. Each shortlisted project leader will be invited to give a 60 minute presentation for the selection committee (see schedule below).

    3. The selection committee will designate a winner or winners following these presentations.


    Provisionnal timetable: 

    September 10, 2018: launch of the call for projects.

    December 14, 2018: deadline for submitting applications.

    January 2019: analysis and shortlisting of submitted projects.

    February 2019: pitch from shortlisted projects to the selection committee

    End of February 2019: final decision and announcement of the winner(s).



    Members of the selection committee and partners in the call for projects: 

    Local and national partners of the ENGIE Group

    ENGIE France Renewables

    GREEN France

    ENGIE Group - CSR Department


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