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Technologies to minimize costs and maximize profitability.


Technologies to minimize costs and maximize profitability.

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    Enel is looking for new storage technologies, architectures and control strategies to minimize energy storage costs and to improve the way Energy Storage are built, operated and maintained, in order to maximize their profitability. 

    Energy Storage Systems and their related technologies are a very broad topics ranging from chemistry to data science. Enel is targeting all the energy storage uses and all the technologies suitable for the electric sector: integration with fossil and renewable power plants, use as stand-alone assets for grid support, integration with comercial, industrial and residential customers behind their meter, integration in mini grid for remote areas, vehicle to grid applications. 

    Energy Storage Systems is a part of our future and ENEL is willing to explore and pioneer the best options to include them in their value chain. 

    Challenge Rules

    Explain your proposal clearly, attach documents if needed and support the idea focusing on the following key drivers: 

    - Presentation of the proposal. 

    - Business potential for Enel. 

    - Technical feasibility. 

    - Costs/ Benefit analysis. 

    - Innovation level.

    - Applicant credibility. 

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    Apr 13 2018 at 00:00 - Dec 31 2018 at 00:15 Europe/Zurich
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